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When a tooth is extracted or missing, a replacement should be put into the open space in order to maintain proper dental alignment and health. At Hartford Smiles Dental Center,  we offer single tooth replacement services for patients to restore your natural smile.

With three locations to serve you in Hartford, Enfield and Old Say Brook, Connecticut.  Hartford Smiles Dental Center is led by Dr. Wilford Samson, Dr. Greene  and Dr. Mack . Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how our single tooth replacement services can benefit your oral health and appearance.

What is a Single Tooth Replacement?

There are multiple reasons why teeth are lost, such as extraction procedures or gum disease, and although you may not think twice about the empty gap left behind, not replacing missing teeth can have future consequences to your dental health, such as:

  • Loss of shape to your natural smile
  • Impairments or self-consciousness while eating, smiling, or talking
  • Bone deterioration in the jaw
  • Less protection to surrounding teeth

There are multiple treatment options to consider when replacing a missing tooth, but dental implants are a permanent, worry-free solution. Consisting of a small screw and a customized crown, dental implants are ideal for replacing single teeth without impairing gum health or surrounding teeth.

What Can I Expect During the Single Tooth Replacement Process?

The first step of single tooth replacement is fixing the tiny screw into the jawbone. Over a period of two to six months, the screw and jawbone bond together to form a solid foundation for the dental crown. A temporary tooth may be placed over this area to maintain appearance until the crown is placed.

The next step is to attach an extension to the screw, which is the final step before the crown is placed. There are some single tooth replacement systems that already have the extension attached to the screw and do not require this step. Our experienced medical team will discuss these treatment options with you during your consultation.

A customized crown is then fixed to the screw and extension. This dental prosthetic is fashioned to match your natural tooth color and shape for seamless treatment.

Why Choose Single Tooth Replacement at Dental Implant Center?

Doctor Samson and Dr. Green specialize in this safe and effective procedure and are two of a select number of dentists nationwide who are board certified in prosthodontics. Dental implants are made to look and act like your natural teeth and offer a worry-free solution with long-lasting results to patients.

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