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Having healthy gums is a precondition for the total health of your oral cavity. If you do not practice regular and especially effective dental hygiene, you can suffer from inflammation of the gums that often leads to parodontosis. On the Dentistry Ward, we can give you advice on how to prevent it and cure it, and where necessary remove it. Make your appointment today. Get rid of that parodontosis once and for all!

What is periodontitis?

Parodontosis is an inflammation of the gums, not only on the surface but also in the deep structures, including the bones. It is caused by the ineffective cleaning of the teeth. It starts with slight bleeding of the gums. In its advanced stages, so-called free gingival grooves are formed, dental necks are denuded, gums recede, teeth start to part and come loose and gums hurt and swell.

The result of untreated periodontitis is a loss of teeth, many times not damaged in any other way. Appropriate gum treatment can prevent all these negative processes, which is why it would be pity not to try.

What does the prevention and treatment of periodontitis involve?

The best prevention for all problems in the oral cavity is regular and effective dental hygiene. In this way, you can avoid bleeding gums, inflammation and the onset of parodontosis. Treatment of the gums can never be successful without the correct method of cleaning the teeth. That is why it is necessary to learn the correct way of cleaning the teeth and interdental spaces.

In cases where tartar has already formed, no matter how good the dental hygiene may be, the inflammation must be treated at the dental surgery. The gum disease can become worse as a result of a poor filling or prosthetic work. The areas that are often difficult to clean are for example under the eaves of crowns and fillings. The inflammation can easily spread form there. Our dentists will focus on these imperfections during the treatment too.

Laser treatment of gums and periodontitis

When periodontitis is in an advanced stage, the gums can be treated surgically. The dentist will choose the appropriate surgical method according to a detailed examination and the extent of the damage to the gums.

The gums can be shortened so that the disease will never repeat again. It is also possible to reconstruct the bone or cover the denuded dental necks again with a surgical intervention. We also carry out successful surgical treatment using the MAESTRO biostimulative laser.

That is not all by far. Periodontitis and other gum diseases are caused by bacteria. It is essential to find out what type of bacteria is responsible for a patient´s problems. We use a modern genetic diagnostic method – PCR. On the basis of this examination, the treatment of the gums and periodontitis continues with antibiotics.

Consult our specialists and find out what gum treatment is the most suitable for you. We can also advise you on how to improve your smile with teeth whitening or tooth implants

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